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"we are a holding company working of diesel field named saydahmed for diesel and we have 3 service centers of diesel fuel injection pumps and injectors and part of this group emako co. for importing and exporting …"
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sayddiesel said on 08/16/2011 / EMAKO CO . for importing and exporting ------ PETROL INJECTOR TEST CLEAINING MACHINE ---- INJECTOR CLEANING MACHINES ---- TWO SPRING INJECTOR TEST MACHINE ---- CR PRESSURE METER PR-01 ---- EDC PUMP REGULATOR ----- COMMON RAIL SYSTEM TEST BENCH (CR4) ---- Common Rail system Test Bench DYL 806 PCE ---- Common rail system and mechanical pump test bench DYL 819 ----- Gasket Kits & Super Kits ---- Pencil Nozzles_CAT Parts ---- Feed Pumps & Related Parts ---- Gasket Kits Super Kits --- Delivery Valves ---- Plungers ---- Minimec (Simms) Type Repair Kits ---- DPA DPS DPC DP200 Series Repair Kits ---- Cam Plates VE --- Driving Shafts VE ---- VE VA Inline Repair Kits --- Hydrulic Heads VE ---- Injectors ---- Injection Nozzles ---- Sayddiesel -- Sayddiesel


Testing thıs type of ınjectors is very hard with manual systems.They can not  generate pressure contınuously.Thıs machıne contaıns a hıgh pressure pump  and its AC motor drive inside , İts produce pressure 0-500 bar contınuously

  • You can measure pressure with digital lcd screen and also with manual 0-400 bar manometer.
  • There is a absorb system for test oil vapour
  • Also you can test and measure old type of mechanic injectors with this machine